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Recreational Room




We all need extra space to entertain, to relax with friends or be by ourselves, and to rediscover lost pursuits a stones’ throw from the home. There are many different scenarios for recreational use for any age group in a log cabin, such as a games room with snooker/pool, darts or computer gaming, a place to practice musical or artistic pursuits, or as a venue for entertaining with a large cinema-style screen

Log cabins can also provide an escape for other members of the household: the kids’ friends over after school might be aggravating you – why not create a room for them to play and watch films in, and once they’ve gone home, use it for your own means

Our log cabins are so versatile, they can cater for the entire family’s recreational whims and needs.


Alis wooden log cabin Shaghayegh wooden log cabin Afsoon wooden log cabin
Shahrzad wooden log cabin Saba wooden log cabin